This is the “maiden”  blog for me.  I’ve read a number of them on other sites and thought it would be interesting for me and hopefully for you if a blog feature was incorporated into our new McCormack’s website. This one will be short but as time goes on I intend to touch on various topics from around the lake which have come to my attention.

Each year at this time we lake people start to ponder the probable date of ice breakup. It’s been a long winter and we all want to get on with things once the ice goes out.  Some of us for purely recreational reasons and some like me for more commercial reasons – either way, the sooner it happens the better.  We were really spoiled last year when the Lake of Bays opened up during the last week of March.  In my lifetime,  I can’t recall it happening that early and found it amazing to be running around the lake that early checking on cottages in a boat.  This was an apparent anomaly as this year appears to be in keeping with the “norm” where the lake  is ice-bound until around the third week of April or later.  I couldn’t find any readily available records showing historical LOB dates for ice breakup but Lake Rosseau records show way back in 1945 and again 1946 that the ice went out around March 27th.  Last year Rosseau, like Lake of Bays was March 23rd !  I know many people point to Global Warning for the odd weather patterns of recent years and who knows,  maybe this is going to become the new normal.  I did have to chuckle yesterday at fire practice when one of my peers who works at a marina told me they had received a customer call asking for their boat to be put in the lake right away.

I hope you like the appearance and content of the new site -  it was time to update and my wife Karen worked very hard on putting it together in concert with our web design guy Andrew Just.

Check back from time to time to have a look at McCormack’s Blog for the latest and greatest around the lake.






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  1. Marg Sanderson

    As in everything you do, your new website is extremely professional. Another job well done. Enjoyed your blog and look forward to more of your musings. You may not have much time for writing though as I understand ice conditions this year may wreak havoc on the shoreline. Here’s to the summer of 2013!

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